Essay on Interpersonal Skills As Goal Directed Behaviors

Essay on Interpersonal Skills As Goal Directed Behaviors

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Interpersonal skills as goal directed behaviors used in day to day to communicate and interact with other people both individually as well as groups. Interpersonal skills are inherently relational and process oriented. In addition it will focus on the effect of communication on another person (Duffy & Gordon, 2004, pp.495-507). Inter personal skills can be used to help individuals to critically assess the effectiveness of their social skills or people skills or social competence at every level. Skills cannot be learnt solely from reading a book. It is nature of the skills that they have to be practiced in everyday life Interpersonal skills has been influenced by different approaches such as behavioral, cognitive and transactional approaches (Hayes, 2002, p.3-5) The interpersonal skills of a person include skills into their components parts sequenced and structured such as accenting, following skills, listening skills, helping and negotiating. In a nutshell, interpersonal skills are used to communicate and interact with other people whether it may be individually or in groups (“skills”, 2015). Interpersonal skills include verbal, non-verbal communication skills, listening skills, negotiation skills, problem solving skills, self-management skills, responsibility and accountability, decision making skills and assertiveness. Verbal and nonverbal communication is about what we say with or without body language. Listening is about how we interpret both verbal and nonverbal messages sent by others. Negotiation interpersonal communication is working with others to find mutually agreeable outcome. Problem solving is to identify, define and solve problems. Self-management shows us to control our emotions with an appropriate behavior for a...

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...embers with good communication will boost the performance of my group.
I learn though this project to develop my leadership communication skills. I could understand the importance of communication of myself and in the organization. In the organization and within the group, understand the importance of verbal and nonverbal skills, listening communication skills. I learn the how to integrate all the people with cross cultural diversities with communication. I learn trust and authentic leadership importance to build faith in the group. I focused on the good leadership strategies such as how to improve the communication skills by Appling different strategies. I realized the how poor communication skills impacts on the leader’s performance and organizational growth. Developing strong interpersonal skills are usually more successful in both professional and personal lives.

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