Interpersonal Communication Reflection Paper

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Interpersonal communication is one of the significant skills while communicating with other individuals. It normally covers an extensive area and includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. Body language and facial expression may affect the accurateness of the message transmission directly. Interpersonal communication skills normally ensure that the message is sent and received correctly without any alteration thus improving the communication efficiency. Learning diverse aspects of interpersonal communication has greatly aided me in better understanding of what it consists. I am capable of applying the knowledge gained from this course to my personal experiences. This paper reflects on my personal experience in learning interpersonal communication. The interpersonal communication class was just awesome in that I learned many diverse aspects from understanding nonverbal communication and interpersonal communication. The semester was filled with different activities that helped us to enhance our interpersonal communication skills. For instance, in every week, we had discussion post and reflection questions on what we had learnt. This course has been of great essence to me because I have discovered considerable information regarding interpersonal communication. I am now capable of dealing …show more content…

However, I am not the only person experiencing this problem since several of my friends have confessed to experience similar instances. Although I might appear to be attentive and listening to someone, the reality is that I have actually stopped listening and my mind is focusing on the present thoughts in my head. This mostly occurs when another person utters words that my mind chooses not to examine, study, or dissect. I continue maintaining eye contact thus making another person to think that I am still keenly

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