Benefits Of Social And Emotional Intelligence

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Social and emotional intelligence skills are two very important factors for the growth of organisations and the growth of an individual. Social intelligence is the ability to understand the intentions, emotions and feelings of others, as well as being able to interact successfully with others in various circumstances. Emotional intelligence is the ability to control, understand, identify and manage emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships thoughtfully and empathetically. Throughout this essay I am going to explain what inter and intrapersonal skills are associated with social and emotional intelligence skills, and the benefits that these skills have on the hospitality individual and organization. The hospitality industry is extremely competitive and a still growing entity. The more highly developed social intelligence and emotional intelligence skills an individual or organisation has, the better prepared they are to be more successful than their competitors and compete in a growing and profitable environment. These finely tuned skills are now a commodity that can be bought, in the sense that individuals with these skills are still limited in numbers and therefore highly sought after. Once employed, they would be retained with a good package and nurtured for advancement within the company. Organisations that use, recruit or train these skills are looked upon as good employment environments for prospective employees. Interpersonal skills are life skills that individuals use everyday to communicate and interact with other people, both individually and in groups. People who have developed strong interpersonal skills are usually more successful in both their qualified and personal lives. Employers often pursue staff with s... ... middle of paper ... ...their organisation. Self esteem and motivation influences who we are and what we do. To conclude this essay, the research I have gathered has been able to show how important social and emotional intelligence skills are at benefiting the hospitality individual or organisation. I believe it is more useful and interesting to consider how important it is for effective performance at work. I hope this essay has shown that there now is a lot of information and research out there showing that a person’s ability to recognise, identify and manage emotion provides the basis for the kinds of social and emotional skills that are needed for success in almost any job. As the speed of change increases and the world of work makes ever greater demands on a person’s intellectual, emotional, and physical resources, this particular set of abilities will become increasingly important.
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