Essay on International Students in the United Kingdom

Essay on International Students in the United Kingdom

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Topic: discuss three problems faced by international students in the UK. Suggest and evaluate possible solutions to these problems.
It is widely acknowledged that United Kingdom receives millions of students every year from all around the world. Students aiming for a brighter future choose their most favourite university around UK to complete their higher studies. “The UK is the second leading exporter of international education behind the USA.” (Binsardi, A. & Ekwulugo, F. 2003). Many students prefer to study in the United Kingdom, rather than anywhere else, because of the opportunities offered here, for instance, students are allowed to work as a part-time employee’s while at the same time the can choose the best university worldwide to study. This may be very convincible to a lot of students to in UK, besides the courses offered in the UK are generally extensive and short comparing to other countries such as; United States and Australia. To reach the top, every person has to go through some challenges, accordingly, students might have some problems at the beginning to adjust in the new environment, depending on which background the student comes from. However, sometimes there would not be any direct solution other than sacrificing to survive or surrendering to go back home. This essay will discuss three different problems faced by international students in the United Kingdom that are: homesickness, culture shock and language.

‘’There are clearly challenges for international students studying at higher education institutions in the UK’’ ( Bamford, 2008 ).It is quite normal that international students in their first year might find studying abroad uncomfortable as the familiar surroundings and faces are being replaced by new f...

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...arket penetration. Retrieved 25 May, 2003, from

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