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  • International Students' Experience

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    the culture norms to new foods. Culture shock is common with international students. Culture shock can include, meeting new people, language barriers, social behaviors, and a sense of community. A students comfortability with the culture of their new home can determine their learning experience. It can be an emotional rollercoaster, being so far away from family and friends. American culture is difficult to understand. International students find Americans to be confusing. Social norms vary depending

  • Problems of International Students

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    compiled by the Institute of International Education, 582,984 students from all over the world were enrolled in American colleges and universities in a wide range of fields” (Carter, Paragraph 2, 2008). The United States has the highest number of students who are coming to study abroad than any other countries. Each year, the number of international students coming to the United States to obtain degrees is increasing by thousands, and home countries of these students are primarily India, China and

  • Depression in International Students

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    Depression is one of the many problems that International Students face. It's a problem that affects their day to activities and if left unattended can cause a lot of harm. It is called the 'common cold' of mental illness (Mental Health Info &Links, 2001). Depression was compared with 100 other diseases and it was ranked fourth in the global burden by the World Health Organisation (WHO). There is a fear that it might rise to second it diagnosis, treatment or prevention is not improved. Depression

  • International Students and Work

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    International student who study in the US will have a lot of chance to have the best job with the degree that they have in University or College. Should international students work while they are studying in the US? I think the government should let international students work off -campus to support themselves. International students should work while they are studying in the US because job is not only help students have money to pay for tuition or living expenses, but also improve the speaking skill

  • International Students Essay

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    Being an international student is exciting. It offers a lot of exposure and scope for improvement. Canada has a lot of institutions that accept foreign students, but before that, the practical difficulties an international student might face in the country should be noted. 1. Issues faced by students: Issues arise when the expectation does not meet the reality, or due to misinformation. The various issues an average student might be classified as follows. 1.1. Economic (Financial) issues: The first

  • The International Student Experience

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    Students Engagement is conspicuously investigated by many authors since mid-1980s when Astin (1984) worked on student involvement. Then the topic has attracted many authors eg. Chickering and Gamson, (1987), Maher and Tinto (1992), Kuh and Vesper, (1997), etc... as it seems that engaging students with the course is one of the key factors of successful learning and teaching in higher education. Stefani (2008) defines student’s engagement based on previous research as the efforts including time

  • Problems Of International Students Essay

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    Adjustment Problems of International Students in their New College Community When international students arrive in a foreign country, the first thing they do is to find a place to live. They have to register classes, know where to get their food from and learn the names of places and buildings around the university. International student, as compared to their domestic counterparts, tend to experience bigger adjustment problems and more suffering during their orientation into the university. They

  • Obstacles Faced By International Students

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    International students battle with several different obstacles in the process of moving to the United States to seek a better education. The number of international students studying in the United States, as of today, is 975,000 (Turner). Many international students have the desire to study in the land of opportunities for its quality of education, which allows them to obtain a respectable degree in their choice of major. Many of them come to America not knowing the English language very well, but

  • International Students Overcome with Friendship

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    Friends are an important part of life, when international students move away from their country to an unfamiliar place they typically need new friends to spend time and enjoy. According to Curry and Dunbar (2011), a solid bond between a group of friends offers many unnoticed benefits, which have a lifelong importance. Furthermore, friends support each other emotionally and through times of financial difficulty. However, international students seem to face a difficulty when attempting to interact

  • International Student Interview Essay

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    the number of international students who were available for this interview was small. However, the concern and experience they shared in this study is much supportive as to indicate how international students are adapting to the social and academic situation in Jimma university. It is obvious that some basic services for international students are essential that help quick adaptation. In the institutional environment that didn’t have experience in accommodating international student challenges are

  • Experiences of International Students in the UK

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    Introduction: International students studying in the UK in 2011-2012 totalled 435,230 which is an increase of two per cent from the preceding year (UKCISA statistics, 2012). As a student of the University of Essex which has the reputation for being one of the UK’s most internationally diverse universities with students from over 130 countries (University of Essex, 2013) I, myself have had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Living with international students has led me to detect

  • International Students in the United Kingdom

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    three problems faced by international students in the UK. Suggest and evaluate possible solutions to these problems. It is widely acknowledged that United Kingdom receives millions of students every year from all around the world. Students aiming for a brighter future choose their most favourite university around UK to complete their higher studies. “The UK is the second leading exporter of international education behind the USA.” (Binsardi, A. & Ekwulugo, F. 2003). Many students prefer to study in the

  • International Student Interview Paper

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    International Asian students Asia is the largest and most populated continent on earth, according to the latest survey home to about 4.4 billion people. Given the many countries and cities in Asia, it has a very thick and diverse culture. Having the opportunity to interact with international students from Asia gave a chance to gain perspective and understanding of fellow students in Asia and learn more about the continent through a native’s eye. One of the students I got the pleasure to meet and

  • Isolation International Students

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    has enhanced the growth for cross-border mobility of students. Universities across the globe experience influx of international students. International students contribute to cultural diversity in institutions. They contribute to cultural exchange, a source of financial revenue, academic prestige and several other positive impacts on the welfare of any state (Knight). However, the rate of isolation and loneliness experienced by the international learners in foreign nations has exuberated. Isolation

  • Homesickness For International Students

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    Living and studying abroad is an exciting and enriching opportunity. Studying abroad comes with a wide range of emotions such as happiness, sadness, excitement and homesickness. Homesickness is a serious problem for international students. It might not be serious or they may not notice, but it is normal to be homesick. Homesickness is the strong wish to be at home – to be surrounded by familiar things. Typical symptoms of homesickness can be sadness, crying, and lack of appetite

  • American International Students

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    of concern to prospective students, it is one of the major constraining factor to most international students who desire to study in US. Studying in USA is made easier by the availability of Universities with scholarships for International Students which offers unique opportunities of learning to international students. Scholarships are offered as a form of

  • Free Argumentative Essays: American Students Vs. International Students

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    International Students vs. American Students American students have been such a question mark for the international students, their way of living and thinking is way different than any international student and this is noticeable among the international students. Students from all over the world notice a difficulty in dealing with the Americans and mentally understand them. Therefore, Rebekah Nathan argues that in her article “As Other See Us” and discusses the differences between

  • International and Domestic Students Sojourners at College

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    Every year many students pursue higher education and relocate themselves to enroll in colleges and universities around the world. Some students move to other countries such as United States, Canada, UK and Australia, while other students relocate themselves to new places in their home country. “In the United States, there are nearly half of a million international students who attend university and college” (Hechanova 458). International student sojourners are foreign people who are enrolled in

  • International Student Enrollment at American Universities

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    International Student Enrollment at American Universities During our secondary data search, we were enlightened to the many issues, which face an international student when choosing a university. In this paper we would like to first highlight trends of international student enrollment in American universities. Next, we will discuss the advantages of studying in the United States. Finally, we would like to list some of the many reasons that an international student may choose a certain university

  • What Are The Adjustment Problems Of International Students

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    According to Maureen Snow Andrade (2006) in the article “International students in English-speaking universities”, this article is about adjustment issues and factors for international students, and how this led to adjust academically and socially in the new environment and the new educational techniques. Andrade states that international or foreign students face many limitations and challenges to fit academically and socially in university life and the new culture. In addition, according to Andrade