The Positive Impact of Teen Travel Abroad

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There is an abundance of cultures and lessons that teens can learn about as they travel the world. Many teenagers, however do not realize or take advantage of travel opportunities provided for them and the influence travel can have on their lives. There are many programs out there that give all teens the chance to travel and experience the world firsthand regardless of a family’s income. These travels will influence the growing mind by helping them to understand other cultures without the distant feeling that these places do not concern them. Although it may seem scary to some parents to let their child travel to far off places, teens need the exposure to broaden their knowledge and horizons. More teenagers should travel because traveling abroad not only teaches them more about other cultures, but more about themselves, who they are and who they want to become.
Travel has increased throughout the years. According to World Tourism Organization travel has increased by 5% in 2013 with 1,087 million people traveling. This is an additional 52 million international travels from the previous year. This increase in travel has brought a very positive impact on many economies around the world and is predicted to continue to do so in the following years. In 2014 UNWTO believes international travel will continue to grow up to 4-4.5%. Throughout the world the places most influenced by the demand for tourism are Asia and the pacific, Africa, and Europe (World Tourism Organization UNWTO). This increase in travel has shown that more people have decided to immerse themselves into new experiences and cultures, and that travel companies believe that more and more people will begin and continue to travel.
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