Inter Professional Health Care Team Simulation Essay

Inter Professional Health Care Team Simulation Essay

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Inter-professional Health Care Team Simulation
Kripa Patel
Student Number: 300786879
PNUR 123
Centennial College
Pat Schmidinger
March 29, 2016

Inter-professional Health Care Team Simulation
This event took place at Centennial College on Monday 21, 2016 from 6:30 post meridiem (p. m.) to 8:30 p.m. The purpose of this event was to get together with my assigned group and act out our roles for the Resident Care Conference to personally experience what a conference between health care professionals and the client and family members. Each member in the group was assigned a role to play in the simulation such as, a food and nutrition manger, registered practical nurse, personal support worker, student nurse, social worker, a client and one or more family members.
Communication Techniques
Within my interdisciplinary health care team, I observed effective and ineffective verbal and nonverbal communication techniques. Some effective verbal techniques include, having pace and intonation which means the way one speaks, either if that is with anger or enthusiasm. (Koizer et al, 2014) In my group, there were some members who were really into their roles and it was clear in the way they were speaking they changed their pace and intonation. I also noticed clarity and brevity, which involves using precise words and by using fewer amount of words as possible (Koizer et al., 2014). In my group when speaking to the client and the client’s family, the health care team used clarity and brevity so they would understand what will be changed about the client’s diet, exercise, medication and social network. Effective nonverbal communication strategies were body language and facial expressions. Gesturi...

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...lth care team simulation was a successful experience. It included a lot of the material that was taught to the students on our classes and we finally got to apply them. Nurses are significant to Resident Care Conferences because they are responsible to make changes to the client’s nursing care plan to better accommodate the client and client family member’s wishes.
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