Integrated Health Care System

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The Integrated health care is an approach of interdisciplinary of collaboration and communication among health professionals. The characteristic is unique because of the sharing information which in the team members and related to patient care to establishment of treatment whether biological, psychological, and social needs. The interdisciplinary health care team includes a diverse and variety group of members (e.g., specialist, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and physical therapists), depending on the needs of the patient for the best treatment to the patient care.
Consultant is defining a professional person who provides an expert advice in a particular area. A consultant is requested to help determine what treatment/services the client requires. A consultants also used their expertise to ensure that clients who require a particular type of knowledge or service (example:-a cardiologist for a client who had a myocardial infarction, a psychiatrist for a client whose risk for suicide needs to be assessed). Coordination of the consultant’s recommendations with other h...

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