Improving The Patient / Clinic Relationship Essay

Improving The Patient / Clinic Relationship Essay

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There are multiple ways to improve the patient/clinic relationship in Minnesota. The medical personnel may receive education that promotes cultural sensitivity. In particular, regarding the high Muslim population in the state. Same day appointments may improve the satisfaction a patient feels. In addition, being able to see their own physician may help patients fell a higher degree of satisfaction.

Promote Cultural sensitivity and a Diverse Clinic Environment
Education and knowledge is the best way to serve the health care needs of a diverse clinic environment. Focusing on the following areas will improve the quality of care and the patient’s experience. Language misinterpretations are problematic. . Interpretation by family member should be avoided. Providing an interpreter of the same sex that has been trained by personal is critical to avoid miscommunication. If it is not possible to have an interpreter of the same sex counseling should take place with the patient and their spouse to determine an alternative that ensures the quality of care while respecting the patient’s culture. Access to healthcare may be difficult. Address transportation needs, promote the availability of health and social services, and ensure care with the same provider. It is important to educate clinic personnel on cultural and religious traditions of various ethnic groups that are patients in the clinic. Certain religious beliefs may influence pregnancy, delivery, and prenatal care utilization, and patient readiness discuss certain issues (Agbakwu, n.d.).

Advance Access Improves Patient Satisfaction
If advanced access is implemented in an office practice patients would experience several positive changes. The wait time for routine appoint...

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... receptive of suggestions. It is important to ask permission before touching a patient to offer comfort. Furthermore, the right hand to give food or medications because the he left hand is considered impolite. It is important to receive education about Muslim-based dietary restrictions. Muslims may resist vaccines that contain porcine gelatin, an animal protein. Somali refugees may have undiagnosed depression, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress disorder. Most importantly communicate as effectively as possible. Provide additional educational materials orally or in a video due to limited English proficiency. Somali patients may also prefer a walk-in clinic rather than scheduling appointments. By following these suggestions patients are more likely to have respect for their health care provider and follow the advice of the provider (Stratus Health, 2011).

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