The Importance Of Oral And Written Communication Essay

The Importance Of Oral And Written Communication Essay

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1. What is more important oral or written communication? Why? Justify your answer.

Oral and written communication have equal merits, one needs to be proficient in both disciplines, however I believe that oral communication is the most important. Given the need for effective communication in a professional law enforcement setting one needs to be able to convey ones thoughts accurately in order to elicit the desired response.

Reference: Written and Interpersonal Communication, pages17&27

2. If you could use only one channel of information in an agency, which would it be? Why?

Although written communication has the ability to be very concise and accurately definitive, it lacks any timely feedback. While the party expressing their directives is able to precisely represent their position they however, lack instant feed-back and therefore it is flawed by virtue of its inability to be provide visual and verbal cues from the recipient.

Oral communication, conversely has the ability to be proactive and allows for, real-time feedback that lends itself to a cohesive and integrated common positive result. Given the right set of skills a supervisor or rank and file employee are able to make the best choices and provide a successful outcome to any given circumstance.

Reference: Reference: Written and Interpersonal Communication, pages 20-25&27

3. On the basis of your reading to this point, what is the purpose of a written report? How is it different from an oral report?

Written reports are a highly effective and accurate way to disseminate information to its targeted recipients. The beauty of a written report is that it can be revisited in a week or a year. It can also be used as a reference for future use. Additionally, a writ...

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...ord choice is concerned. This class and the textbook, Written and Interpersonal Communication has shed new light on writing reports. I am very thankful for the opportunity to improve on my understanding of these crucial communication techniques.

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One thing you now know after watching the video.

I learned that I fell into the middle ground, (36-55 points of the survey) of an effective communicator as evidenced by the following:

You 're a capable communicator, but you sometimes experience communication problems. Take the time to think about your approach to communication, and focus on receiving messages effectively, as much as sending them. This will help you improve. (Read below to start.)

I have some work to do but I embrace the opportunity to improve myself,

David Hukill

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