Procedural Justice, Policing, And Communication In Policing

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Introduction In many years there has been a debate about procedural justice, policing community and communication in policing. Each of this topic is extremely important for the police to follow in order to maintain the community safe and build trust within the community. Police legitimacy is also important for the police to build a good relationship with the public. This essay analysis on what is procedural justice, community policing, and communication in policing and how each of this topic contribute to the legitimacy of police within the community. Each of this top is extremely important for police officer to be aware in order to effectively deal with any issue and build relationships with the community. Procedural justice Firstly, Procedural…show more content…
Police officer normally works with community as a team and addresses any problems; they find a solution to that problem. In 21st century the police officer was required to work closely with communities to make sure maintain of social order and build relationship in order to effectively fight against crime. However, majority of racial and ethnic groups targets of abusive treatment at the hands of police. As evidence suggested that police officer stereotype residents and treating them unlawfully, some studies stated that police officer verbal and physical abuse and unjustified street stops. (Weitzer, Tuch & shogan…show more content…
Communication also consist of verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal communication is continuous and basically can be perform by saying or communicating with other person in front of you and non-verbal communication is used when someone cannot speak therefore hand gestures, body movement, and any other ways which would be easier to convey your message to the person. (University of western Sydney 2010) effective communication is essential for police in order to enhance public confident. Police must keep in mind that not everyone is fluent in English, therefore must speak in clear plain English. Communication needs to be complete and style is also extremely important in this respect and must avoid jargon and technical terms so everyone in the public understands the message. (Wunch, hol

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