Essay on The Importance Of A Educational And Developmental Goals

Essay on The Importance Of A Educational And Developmental Goals

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Leadership is the ability to influence and motivate individuals to achieve the goals they need to reach in order to succeed. Leadership is one of the most important qualities to be found in the administrative person, allowing him or her to run the institution with the highest degree of efficiency.
Regarding this criterion, I think I have the ability to create educational and developmental goals that serve the school and the students and help raise the level academic integrity. I also greatly enjoy reading the current research in education and trying to implement new methods in my school. For example, after a few school years where students did not meet the regional average grades in the Arabic language classes in our school, I planned a new instructional goal for reading Arabic. At the beginning of the next year, I modified the curriculum to include small activities in each lesson. For instance, I would have the students each learn a topic to summarize to the rest of class. At the end of the year, the students ' grades met the regional average.
On the other hand, I believe I need to improve my skills at meeting the needs of the education administration, the students and parents. Also, I need to develop my knowledge and experience in dealing with special needs students in instructional settings. In Saudi Arabia, these students are taught in separate institutions, so I have never had any opportunity to work with them. Finally, self-development and continuous participation in professional leadership groups will lead to greater awareness in administrative thought and encourage me to strive for development and creativity.

Managing the Learning Environment
Managing the Learning Environment can be defined as: understa...

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...tandard will stimulate the learning needed to achieve educational goals.
There was an elegant, effective idea implemented in the high school at which I taught, that I would like to put into action when I become a leader. Anyone in the school could send short messages of thanks and encouragement to anyone else, in recognition of a behavior which had a positive impact on them.
In my opinion, I need to work more toward educating the staff, and especially the students, about moral values. I can accomplish this by inviting guest speakers to lecture the students about different ethics, and by distributing leaflets that encourage moral behavior.
I believe high school education is one of the most difficult stages to teach due to the age of the students. Adolescence is a defining period in a person’s life, so it is critical that the teachers and leaders be role

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