Essay on The Impact Of Technology On Students ' Learning

Essay on The Impact Of Technology On Students ' Learning

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Technology is used everywhere, especially in schools. There are ample advantages to using technology in schools to enhance students’ learning. For the most part, computers are a great tool for to have; they are quick, efficient, and have virtually every answer. Social media is also a great tool in school environments by allowing communication to flow throughout the school. By setting up Twitter and Facebook pages, school staff can promote spirit activities the school is hosting to give everyone a chance to attend and get involved.
In today’s society, technology is used on a daily basis; social media now takes part in students’ learning. Social media is addicting and promotes lazy and unmotivated students. During the school day, teens hear something funny or tweetable and take the risk of tweeting in class. These risks and addictive behaviors lower students’ grades as they would rather use social media than study. “Students who used social networking sites while studying scored 20% lower on tests and students who used social media had an average GPA of 3.06 versus non-users who had an average GPA of 3.82” (“Social Networking” 1). Students that are highly intelligent but slip due to social media grow desperate enough to cheat in order to score high grades in school.
Social media can ruin students’ futures on several levels. Technology and social media makes it much easier for students to cheat on homework, and if youth become desperate enough to cheat they could ruin their chance of being accepted into an exceptional college. Colleges do not want dishonest students, making it extremely hard for students to advance into colleges and receive scholarships. Having no scholarship opportunities reduces the chances of students going to ...

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... media they might be chatting with friends, catching up with family, or scrolling through their news feed. Although, with all the possibilities youth will no doubt pass images of flawless celebrities. Youth see how the celebrity they idol looks and aim to be just like them whether it is how they look or act. Social media blurs the lines of reality causing many youth to go to extreme lengths in order to be like the person they admire most. A young girl, Jen, told a story of a friend trying to be like her idol. “I know a ten year old girl who stopped eating after reading comments online that people had made about a picture of teen star Demi Lovato. Things like comments or tweets may seem simple, but they can really impact girls in a negative way by causing them to have unrealistic expectations about what thin is. I 've seen that and experienced that.” (“Proud2Bme” 1).

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