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during the late 20th century, mankind hit an unprecedented surge of technological advancement and innovation. From the 1980s onward, our level of technology- especially communication-based technologies- increased exponentially year by year, giving us inventions (and their subsequent additions) such as the mobile cell phone, the Internet, email, instant message and social media platforms. In fact, the advent of the Internet and social media has created a smaller, wired world wherein an individual can communicate with someone from across the world in the blink of an eye. Likewise, with the 21st century now past its first decade, more advancement in the field of communication technology hopes to create an even more globalized, interconnected world. However with this increasingly digitalized earth comes with problems that our species has never faced before. As technology has become the most prevalent thing in our lives, we have observed the rise of a generation ever dependent on their technology for any form of "healthy" social life. Similarly, this dependence on electronics has created a mass of individuals with shortened or otherwise impaired attention capabilities and cognitive abilities. Rates of ADHD, ADD, Depression, and Anxiety have steadily been on the rise, with a noted correlation between those mental ills and increasing communication in technologies. Recent polls have gathered that 22% of teenagers access their favorite social media website at least ten times a day, while more than half of teenager visit more than twices within a day. Over 70% of teenagers own some form of cell phone, 56% using them for texting on a daily basis. As such, many teenagers hold this social interaction as "very important" or "crucial" in their... ... middle of paper ... individuals to information, and others, in a way never before available. This potential for good should be recognized, and exploited, but as of now it is mostly hidden for the mass populace. And however monumental the potential for good may be with such resources, mass medial technologies still contribute substantially to modern health issues. As social techonoogy advances, it is up to us as as ociety to safegaurd our youth through education on the subject of safe, healthy usage. While a total elimination of the technology is more damaging than helpful, it is wholly more productive simply to guide our children in the correct way, and impart on them a healthy perspective on social mass media. With that, we would be able to enjoy the full benefits of social media, and corresponding platforms as a medium of inter connectivity, information exchange and discovery.

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