The Impact Of Social Networking On South Africa Essay

The Impact Of Social Networking On South Africa Essay

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It is noted that social networking in the previous decade has turned into an inexorably essential communication tool, and is supplanting customary types of communication, for example, phone calls and up close and personal discussions. The principle drivers for the increase in fame of interpersonal interaction are that there is diminished expense, convenience and ease of access, which gives to individuals (Huy and Shipilov, 2012). As per Chandler (2013) most organisations endeavour into social networking, and hope to see a generous rate of return with the trust that social networking utilisation, will draw in new clients and along these lines create income. However this once in a while happens and the advantages are not as self-evident, not surprisingly.
There is a variety of social networking interpersonal communication stages that are utilised as a part of South Africa, for instance, Facebook, Twitter, BBM, Whatsapp, Linked In, and MXIT. It is claimed by Meier, (2013) that in Africa, there are around 6.1 million users of Facebook and 1.1 million users of Twitter. Moreover, there are 2.2 million users of LinkedIn and 4.6 million users of Whatsapp. Considering this aspect, it is stated that the information technology of South Africa is assumed as interesting as there are more users of mobile internet as compared to PC’s internet users (Khan, 2013).
It is also analysed by World Wide Worx that any kind of online marketing must happen with the mobile levels, which develops social networking that is perceived as essential since online marketing from different organisations make conventional marketing exercises (Khan, 2013).
According to the last year study by South African Social Media Landscape 2012, which demonstrates that mostly...

... middle of paper ...

This research is based on five chapters; chapter 1 has explained the contextual information about the research and the reason that why this research is being conducting. Chapter 2 will give evaluation of literatures relating to the research aspect. However, past literatures will be discussed in this section that would be related to impact of social media networking on businesses in Africa specifically in Nigeria. Furthermore, chapter 3 will explain the methodology that will be implemented in this research. This specific section will give details about the methods for collecting data for the research in order to complete the research. Chapter 4 will give details about the result of the methodology that will be implemented and in that way, analysis will be done in this section. Lastly, chapter 5 will explain the conclusion and recommendations for the research.

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