What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Social Media Essay

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Social Media means the use of web-based and mobile technologies to make communication an interactive dialogue. It takes on many different forms including social blogs, Internet forums, magazines, micro blogging, photographs or pictures, wikis, videos, podcasts, rating and social bookmarking. With the world in the midst of a social media revolution, it is very obvious that social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc., are used extensively for the purpose of communication. This form of communication can be done with a person or a group of persons. Today most of the people working in the organizations, especially the young generation are hooked on to the different social media for keeping in contact with their peers. It is media for the social interaction as a superset beyond the social communication. There are both advantages and the disadvantages of using social media. One very important advantage is online sharing of knowledge and distributing information among the different groups of people. And this online sharing of information also promotes the increase in communication skills among the people. There are also disadvantages of
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The most important advantage of the use of social media is the online distribution and sharing of knowledge and ideas among the different groups of people. This online sharing of this data also promotes the increase and improvement in the communication skills among the people. The online tools and technology has not only mediated communication in countless ways, but also the ways people communicate and even the ways they talk and think about the communication are changing as a result. Also, social media has the potential to change the character of our social lives, both on an interpersonal and also at a community
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