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    South Africa is a nation with a wonderful and varied culture. This country has been called “The Rainbow Nation”, a name that reflects the diversity of such amazing place. The different ethnic and cultural groups of the South Africa do, however, appreciate their own beliefs and customs. Many of these traditions, besides African culture, are influenced by European and Western heritage. The complex and diverse population of the country has made a strong impact to the various cultures. There are

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    Why is the murder rate so high in South Africa? South Africa is located east of South America at the southern tip Africa; it is surrounded by the East Indian Ocean and the West Atlantic Ocean. The reason South Africa is in stage three of the demographic transition theory is because the CBR has dropped to twenty-one in 2013, but the CDR and population are still growing. Infant mortality rate has decreased compared to in 2004 when it was fifty- two. This makes them in stage three because they have

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    Today, South Africa is a parliamentary democracy, headed by a president who is responsible to parliament. The country’s government is in many ways, a unique structure. Apart from essentially having three different capital cities for each branch of government—an arrangement seen as cumbersome by many officials, especially considering parliament is located on a different side of the country from the executive and the courts—it also combines elements from both the presidential system, in which the president

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    South Africa is known to be successful after the Apartheid but it really wasn’t. The South African Revolution also known as the time of the Apartheid took place during 1908-1994. It was a long struggle for the Africans, which included riots, protests, segregation and physical pain. During the period of the Apartheid, blacks were not treated with equal respect to the whites. They weren’t allowed to vote, hold office and the children couldn’t go to school with whites. It was a horrific time for blacks

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    South Africa South African landscapes provide us with the lush greens of the jungle, the dry grass of the savanna, the majesty of the mountains, the eroded clay of the desert and the high-rise mortar of the city. A filmmaker can find there any background desired as the scenery for his motion picture, but variety is not the only true value of the African landscape. Here we find the lush, well tended greens that represent the wealth and control of the Europeans who have invaded the country; the

  • A better South Africa for the new South Africa

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    A better South Africa for the new South Africa The Apartheid struggle is not an anecdote about a few black people that lived under a suppressive government; it is a story about millions of black people who suffered tremendously under the oppressive classification system of the National Party. It is a story about bloodshed, suffering and tears. It is a story that serves as a painful reminder of the extent that a group of people would go to ensure that the purity of their race was conserved. The Apartheid

  • South Africa In South Africa

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    Introduction South Africa is a nation that has been through many things/challenges which has cost pains in many families and left them in sorrow while having to many questions without answers. One can say that regardless of all efforts that has been put intopracticed over the past 20 years to change the way South Africa was during apartheid nothing seems to working, it is clear to me that the past still exist somehow in some parts of areas within our society, certain number of South Africans who

  • HIV in South Africa

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    now has it’s South African political leaders addressing the disease that is slowing killing their population The Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) which evolves into acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) is affecting South Africa socially as well as economically. This disease is also leaving over a million and a half children orphaned. Most of these children are not only orphaned but living with the virus as well. Brief History of HIV/AIDS and Government Involvement in South Africa The Centers

  • Mandela In South Africa

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    category being politics. What wonders most people is how Mandela, a black man stuck in the tangled web of apartheid of South Africa, came to achieve so many things. A very established man as Mandela could have done anything during his time. For example, the struggles of apartheid wreaked havoc though South Africa and in turn Mandela never steered away from his dream of South Africa becoming a democracy. He reunited a country that could’ve destroyed itself from the inside out. Mandela’s successes were

  • Apartheid In South Africa

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    unique to the United States. South Africa still suffers from the effects of an organized and government mandated system of segregation called apartheid that lasted for over a quarter of a century. Apartheid, literally translated from Afrikaans, means apartness (Mandela 40). It is defined as a policy of racial segregation and “political and economic discrimination against non-European groups in the Republic of South Africa” (“Apartheid”). According to Robin Cohen, South African apartheid was based