I Had The Pleasure Interviewing Mr. Hills Essay

I Had The Pleasure Interviewing Mr. Hills Essay

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I had the pleasure interviewing Mr. Daryl Hills. Mr. Daryl Hills was a long-term substitute counselor at Cone Elementary, during my first four months working there. I worked at Cone Elementary as a Tutor for AmeriCorps through Black Child Development Institute of Greensboro. He was one of the first employees I met Cone Elementary, when he discovered I was a graduate student at North Carolina A&T State University our interactions became more frequent. He was excited to know that I was pursuing my Masters in School Counseling, he spoke very highly of the counseling profession and about his experience. He always offered me help pertaining to my graduate studies if I needed anything. I did not know that he was a substitute until our initial interview. Mr. Hills has been in the counseling profession for over 15 years, the majority of his experience has been in higher education. He recently decided to transition into counseling elementary aged students. Mr. Hills was not the stereotypical substitute. He was qualified, his took his work seriously, and he interacted with the students and staff well. In addition, he participated in roles in and outside of his role as a school counselor, due to the lack of staff involvement. Overall, I enjoyed working with Mr. Hills when I interviewed him I began to know him more on a personal level. I was pleased to find out that his personality shaped his professional identity. Mr. Hills is a very genuine and caring person which makes him an effective school counselor.

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I just completed my first year of graduate school here at North Carolina A&T State University. I am currently on the school counseling track. The school counseling field is very interesting to me, I love ...

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...s expressed at Cone Elementary, he follows the ACA Code of Ethics. Sometimes Mr. Hills finds it difficult to balance his personal opinions with the ACA Code of Ethics and the ASCA model. Mr. Hills did mention that he is an active member of the American School Counseling Association.
In conclusion, my interview with Mr. Hills was a success. Mr. Hills prime example of an effective school counselor. I enjoyed watching interact with the students and staff for the short time he was there. In my personal opinion, I believe that Mr. Hills left a positive effect on the students he counseled at Cone Elementary. When he left Cone, many students were saddened but he kept his promise on remaining in contact with them. I hope to be as effective with clients, as Mr. Hills was. I thank him for allowing me to shadow and interview him, while I was at Cone Elementary.

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