I Graduate From The University Of Florida

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My educational goals are to graduate from the University of Florida with honors with a degree in neuroscience and a minor in business administration. I want to graduate from college because I know that knowledge is the key to success. There are endless possibilities and no limitations when one is knowledgeable about the world around him or her. If I graduate with honors, I will know that I pushed myself to my greatest reaching point and surpassed my limitations. There are great things awaiting me, and the only way to get there is go above and beyond what is expected of me with a solid education. Obtaining my undergraduate degree in neuroscience will help me explore my passion for science while better preparing me for medical school. Reports have shown that neuroscience majors score higher than biology, chemistry, microbiology, and even biochemistry majors. This is because the study of neuroscience challenges you to think abstractly and apply what you have learned instead of just rote memorization. Although I have always found the sciences to be very interesting, they have also always been among the most difficult subjects for me. However, this is precisely why I like science so much; it challenges me to study harder and to confront myself with difficult situations. I know that taking this route will help me better myself and learn applicable life skills. College education not only gives me the expertise needed to start my career, but also exposes me to the adult life and prepares me for real-world situations. My long-term educational goal is to gain entrance into medical school and become a doctor of medicine. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance.” I do not want to... ... middle of paper ... ...make their future brighter. Helping others reach their own potential helps me reach my own potential. This is my definition of success. The path that I have chosen for myself is a long one. To become a pediatric neurosurgeon can take up to 15 years. Having a family and raising children is no easy feat either, but I know that the best things in life take time to grow. I will continue to set goals for myself because I know that I can always get better and grow stronger. Everything is a growing process, and I am excited to see the great young adult that I will blossom into. I know there will be bumps along the road and that everything may not work out the way I planned, but that is exactly what life is. It is about rolling with the punches, no matter how hard life hits you. With a good head and positive outlook, I know I will be ready for whatever life faces me with.
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