My Lifetime Goal to Make a Positive Change as a Doctor

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My lifetime goal is to make a change; more specifically, to make a change as a doctor. This choice was not based off of prestige, and financial status, but more self-satisfaction; the satisfaction of knowing I can make a difference. Choosing Pre-Med as a major will definitely have me working vigorously, but I have tried to involve myself in activities such as dance, medical trips, and community service to prepare me for the competitive field of health care.
As a prospective doctor, I can expect to encounter life’s biggest challenges. Life and Death situations will present themselves, and it will be up to me to make a spontaneous decision which portrays confidence, finesse, and accuracy. There’s so little time to ponder the best procedure to perform; so little time to waste. Dance has prepared me for this type of challenge. It has perfected the preciseness in my judgments. On stage, there have been times when I will forget my steps and my mind goes blank; anxiousness seeps in rushing with adrenaline, and the initial thought is to “book it” and flee, but my experience in dance has enabled my ability to make quick altercations in the choreography, preventing the ruination of the showcase. Similarly, when an alarming case presents itself, as a doctor, I will be ready to make an accurate decision.
The number of times I’ve performed on stage seems to exceed the number of years I’ve been alive. Therefore, one can only imagine the soothing ambience the stage presents, effectually encompassing me with confidence. And what is to showcase without confidence? You need confidence to persuade the audience mistakes were not made; not to mention the confidence needed to pursue the altercation in the dance. On stage, I do not have time to think t...

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...ts. Not only were my questions about the profession answered, but my excitement was ignited. For UIC, I was nominated to attend the national youth leadership forum, in which I met doctors, as well as professors. There, I learned different medical practices such as: suturing, taking blood pressure, intubating, and dissecting. These practices only verified my passion for the health care field.
I realize my lifetime goal is a little farfetched, seeing as how competitive the medical field is. I’m aware many people have failed in this endeavor, and it is very rarely achieved; however, based on the community service hours and extracurricular activities I have involved myself in, I feel my chances at succeeding are just as good as any. Becoming a doctor will be stressful and time taking (after all, it is a lifetime goal), but the reward at the end will be gratifying.

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