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I have known from an early age that I’ve wanted to become a doctor. Helping people has always been a passion of mine. When I was younger, I wanted to be a veterinarian. However, after working with young children I have found that I love working with them, and have a connection with children. Currently, I am interested in becoming either a neonatologist or a general pediatrician so I can continue to work with young children. Most commonly, neonatologists work in a hospital under stressful conditions and long, unpredictable hours. The median salary for a neonatologist in Grand Rapids is around $220,000 (Salary Wizard). The characteristics a desirable neonatologist should possess are excellent communication skills, strong leadership abilities, and the ability to work well under stress. He or she should also be empathetic and passionate for helping others (Miller, 2010). A neonatologist has many tasks and responsibilities before, during, and after the birth of an at-risk newborn. If there is reason to believe there are going to be complications with a birth that would cause negative side effects for the infant, a neonatologist will be brought in to help. In these high-risk situations, a team effort is required and the neonatologist takes the lead position. The neonatologist will be responsible for advising the parents on what to expect during and after labor. After the infant is born, the neonatologist has to find a method to properly care for the baby. Because most premature babies have a low birth-weight, their lungs need to be supported and they need to be kept warm. During this whole process, the neonatologist interacts with the parents to keep them updated on their baby’s condition (Weaver, 2009). I am intere... ... middle of paper ... ...ttp:// Miller, A. (2010). What are some personal qualities & abilities needed for being a neonatologist?. Retrieved from Santiago, A. (2009). Become a pediatrician. Retrieved from Stoppard, M. (February 27, 2014). Premature baby warning will give reassurance to worried women and relieve anxiety. Retrieved from Weaver, M. (2009). Neonatologist’s job description. Retrieved from (2009). Pediatrician. Retrieved from (March 29, 2013). Occupational employment and wages, May 2012, pediatrics, general. Retrieved from (April 4, 2013). iPads help new moms bond with their infants in the neonatal intensive Care unit. Retrieved from

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