Personal Essay: Personal Goals And Professional Goals

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1.0 INTRODUCTION Each person should have their own goal to make sure that they have reasons to live. Without goals we never aim what we want to do. “if you don’t have a goal in life, you are spending your life running around and not achieving anything for yourself”- Bill Copeland. This quote wants to tell us that in life you will always be on the same stage without having the desire to improve yourself in any manners. Having a goal will motivate you to strive whatever you want to achieve instead of wasting your time do unnecessary things. In this task, I have to explain two types of goals which are personal goals and professional goals. The goals are :


2.1 Go travel all around Ireland with my family in December 2017 My family will come to Ireland to have vacation about 1 week and travel all around Ireland. They will come from Malaysia to Ireland next year to experience Dublin and few other beautiful places as well. This is to strengthen our family relationship by sharing my experiences and happiness while staying in Ireland. We will spend time together since I left my family and studied far away from home about 1 year. My family sacrificed a lot for me so then I will spend my time by bringing them to travel all around Ireland.
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To increase my knowledge about business I have to read a lot about economic and political issues. This is to ensure I will always keep up to date since the economic and political environment were related to my major. I want to improve myself to be more aware on the current issues in the country especially about economic. I will read at least 1 hour per day after back from college before start to study. I also want to make sure that I am ready to go into career world because went we in career world we have to know a lot of things other than theories because to be a successful person we have to think out of the
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