The Human Life Economic Value Calculator Essay

The Human Life Economic Value Calculator Essay

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How would you feel being told that a loved one is worth nothing when they have passed away? Everyone will react differently to these situations. When a loved one passes away its obvious that a family member will think they are worth much more than what an insurance company is willing to give or what they think is acceptable. However, is it fair for someone who does not work due to certain circumstances, get no money or less than someone else? Life should be valued on a wider scale rather than how much money you make working. The value of your life should be based on all of your goals, feelings, achievements, memories, and family—not on how much you earn throughout your life.
There is a website that is called the Human Life Economic Value Calculator in which it takes in count your age, age you are planning on retiring, home expenses, day care, repairs for the car, income, etc. It’s an easy way to see how much money your family will receive for you when you pass away. However, it may not be the best way for it to tell you your value. Maybe you would like to include other factors that you think are more important to yourself as a human being. Perhaps you would like to get money from all your memories and achievements for your family to get. A person is much more valuable than what they are said to be and deserve to be treated on an equal scale no matter what race, age, or gender they are. I personally believe there are certain occasions when a person should be given more money and that would be if they were killed or injured on purpose and not by natural causes.
There are also some occasions when a person may think of suicide, which I think is a decision made by the deceased person. It’s not an easy way out since not only does the ...

... middle of paper ... when they are in pain. However, if it were compensating the deceased for serving their time in this world and doing everything in their power to achieve their goals, it would symbolize something important to the families of the deceased.
Although life is said to be valued based on money, your life should be valued on your goals, feelings, achievements, memories, and family—not on how much you earn throughout your life. It wouldn’t be fair to those people who can’t work or are barely starting to live their life. For instance, it wouldn’t be okay for a homeless person to be killed in the streets and not give any money to his/her family because they didn’t earn any money throughout their life. All people should be valued the same way on a wider scale no matter their race, age, or gender. All people are the same. People are worth much more than what they appear to be.

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