Utilitarian's Ethic and Politics: What is the Purpose of Human Life?

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What is the purpose of human life? Describe utilitarian's ethic and politic. What should Wonder Woman do? Wonder Woman just wake up this morning , and learn from the news that a boat is sinking in the Odra. and 30 people are in life threatening. She is almost outside of the window ready to go to save some lives when she realizes that in the park next to her home some friends are doing a barbecue. As she really would like to go the barbecue she starts to have an internal struggle. What ought Wonder Woman do? Spend an hard day leading to the shore people and saving lives or enjoying the amazing sunny day while doing a barbecue in the park? Utilitarian ethic and philosophy can answer to Wonder Woman's struggle. But first let's see what Utilitarianism is. -Utilitarianism The Utilitarianism is the theory which fund the morality on the utility, and affirms that the true utilitity for and individual can't not always get along with the general utility. The utilitarianism fixes as a starting point the thought which recognize that one of the condition of human nature is to think firstly about his own interests: the morality consists in recognize that the utile of the single coincide with the utile of the others. Historically the Utilitarianism found himself in the English philosophy. The term ''utilitarianism'' was used for the first time by J. Bentham, and with that he designed the fundamental character of his own philosophic system. Bentham affirms also the need of all the utilitarian philosophies to create the ethic as an exact science: a rigorous calculus on the quantitative difference of the pleasures. The Utilitarianism broaden also in the juridical and political field, with the proposition of radical reforms. It was then the ce... ... middle of paper ... ...als which utilitarians promote does not depend on the existence of God, or any other metaphysical identity.6 So the pursuit of welfare and utility has to be done impartially for everyone in the society no matter whether we believe in a God or not. Secondly it's the utilitatianism's 'consequentialism'. Consequentialism prohibit arbitrary moral prohibitions. If I want to condemn something as morally wrong so I have to show hos someone's life is made worse off. For consequentialism for example we cannot define homosexuality morally wrong if we cannot find bad consequences that arise from it. On the other hand is also true that Utilitarianism may authorize the worst actions if it's still safeguard the welfare of individuals. Moreover it ends to ignore the identity of the individuals involved , their personal needs and the fact that among them there are differences.7

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