The Utilitarian Theory: The End Of Life

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When it comes to medical issues involving the end of life, some may question whether or not it makes a difference if a person’s life is ended by an act of active killing, or whether it is simply allowed to expire. Most human beings live their lives from a moral standpoint and would be opposed to the act of one being killed on purpose because it would mean murder. From a utilitarian’s point of view on this question, the answer would depend on the largest benefit of the two. A human being should be free to choose what he pleases in regards to his own life, however, there is a conflict of moral belief that objects to this freedom. Theory Explanation The Utilitarian Theory is a doctrine that believes that an action is right if it…show more content…
One can conclude by his statement that the decision to suffer or to die on purpose is left up to the person who is experiencing the physical suffering. Objection The thought of one ending their own life or having someone else to do it for them is a tough subject to wrap one’s mind around. These would be the people who are totally against a forceful end to life. These would be the people who believe that the natural expiration of death is the absolute right thing to do. Most people who stand on this belief are one’s who have a religious conscience and holds true to its doctrine that suicide or assisted suicide is wrong and sinful. Another reason for this objection, according to Peter Singer, is the main reason most people are against voluntary euthanasia is because it is a rule that it is always wrong to kill an innocent human being (Singer, 2003). This view is one that is based on general morals and religious beliefs. To think of one having their life ended on purpose does not literally sound politically correct and when one thinks of a forced death, murder is the first and only word that comes to mind.
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