The High Price of Adoption

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Parents have the tendency to overlook how lucky they are to have had the ability to create their own children. Many do not recognize what a true blessing it is to have kids, and that others are not fortunate enough to experience that miracle. Ten percent of couples endure infertility (Advantages) so they must consider other options. A very popular choice is adoption. It is not only a good alternative for the couple, but also for the child who needs a loving home. While the idea of adoption sounds so perfect and great, one huge factor makes the adoption choice somewhat difficult. One would never think of putting a “price” on their own child yet adoption is extremely pricey. A couple looking to adopt better be prepared to spend roughly $35,000 (babycenter). Personally, that number shocked me. Who finds it necessary to put such a high cost on the love between parents and a child? What is more important, the fact that a child needs a good home and a family somewhere out there wants to become parents, or spending thousands of dollars to fulfill a need that is supposed to be priceless? The answer here is obvious, and there are multiple reasons as to why the cost of adoption should be lowered immensely. Many people grow up in loving families and cannot imagine not having their parents and siblings around, but each year, 18,000 or more American born babies are put up for adoption (Newlin Carney). That means at least 18,000 children face the harsh truth of maybe not having a family to grow up in. Childhood is a very important part of one’s life and helps shape who one is. These children that are eligible to be adopted just need loving parents, good homes, and stability. And who is to say the high price of adopting is not ho... ... middle of paper ... at all does not define the type of life the young boy or girl will receive. A couple who cannot spend that sum of money is just as capable as giving a child a good home as a couple who has millions of dollars can. Sure the less wealthy couple may not be a able to give their son or daughter the latest technology or fads, but they are more than capable of giving him or her love, care, and a place to call their home. Correct me if I am wrong, but that is what really matters. One cannot put a price on something as precious as family. Works Cited Newlin Carney, E. (). The Truth About Domestic Adoption. Adoptive Families, Retrieved from Hendricks, K. D. (2007, September 14). Why Is Adoption So Expensive [Web log post]. Retrieved from

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