How to Develop Your Study Habits Essay examples

How to Develop Your Study Habits Essay examples

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I believe that these three examples will serve as good information for a student to develop their own study habits which are an important part of being efficient and learning to effectively manage time. My first example is getting enough sleep. Getting enough sleep will help you stay focused during class and gets your mind clear to be open to new experiences and ideas. You should get a minimal of seven hours of rest each night. Develop a good bed time routine such as a shower, watch some television or listen to the radio for a short time, relax before you go to bed. Make sure when you are resting you have a nice quite room and dark area. If you’re still having trouble sleeping you could try listening to ocean sounds or any water sounds. This will help you clear your mind and get into that deep sleep so you will be well rested. The next example is about studying. For any class you may be attending it is always a good idea to recopy the notes for that class on a daily basis. Your teacher may go fast and your trying to get all the information, sometimes you may not even be able to read your own hand writing. When you’re done recopying your notes review them as you reread the chapter lesson so you understand the information. If there are any questions, you will then have an opportunity to ask your teacher to go back over the notes where you may have missed something so that you understand it. Also, go over your work daily. The review will keep you focused and organized. This is a good rule of thumb; if you have an hour class you should spend about two hours a day on that specific class doing homework or studying. My last example is the importance of preparing for a test. Make sure when you study for your up coming test you are in a qu...

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...ut feels energized to go to work. They don’t feel physically or mentally exhausted because they don’t feel stressed out from all their work. They get a thanks or a rewarded from their work place or their client. In order to avoid burnout you need to monitor your inner self as you move through you work day. Start asking yourself, “am I happy, am I motivated or do I enjoy my day?” If you are answering no, this can lead into burnout. Self-care in this situation is very important. Caring for yourself means having a good friendship having some fun with each other, engaging in spirituality, these can play a part to avoiding burnout. In this profession it is a common problem for a student or worker not to ask for help because they are the helpers often giving without taking a helping hand. It`s essential to ask for help when you start to feel the exhaustion of overwork.

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