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During the summer before starting high school, many incoming Freshmen are hit with nerves. They’re nervous about the upperclassmen, how to fit in socially and, most importantly, the level of difficulty of the subjects in high school compared to middle school academics. Well here’s a newsflash – it’s different; it’s harder. In order to succeed academically, you have to study well. In order to study well, you have to build amazing study habits. In order to build amazing study habits, you have to read the rest of this and apply it to your life. Once all of that’s done, you will be a shoo in for top grades with low stress involved and be the “go to" person for classmates when it comes to A+ study tips.
Tip# 1: Invest In A Planner. It can be a
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When your teacher gives you the date of an assessment, homework assignment, or project, immediately write it down. Set aside a study date, so you do not cram the day before the assignment or test is due. This way, you can leave it out of your mind until you are ready to complete it.
Tip# 3: Don’t Cram. Don’t make excuses. “There’s that party tonight,” or “I can leave that until tomorrow.” It will be all good and dandy until you have three tests on the same day and neglected to study for any of them. Take it from me, a high school senior, it is the scare of the semester and that day will come. You want to be prepared for it and the best way to be prepared is to not cram.
Tip# 4: Sleep. No, not in class; that’s a one-way street to Failuretown. Sleep is an indispensable tool in the creation of good study habits. A good sleep schedule is an excellent way to stay on top of things as it provides you with clear times of when you will be available to do what. A bad sleep schedule will leave you tired in school and sleeping at times when you should be studying or doing something beneficial. Maintain a good sleep schedule because it is hard to get out of a bad
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Do not, and I repeat, do not plan to do ALL of your studying for one day and lock yourself in a room swearing up and down that you will complete it. You won’t. That is what I like to call pseudo-studying or fake-studying. There are distractions everywhere when you pseudo-study. There’s your phone with the latest update of Instagram and Twitter posts. Let’s not forget the food. If you plan to be there all day, you’ll most likely bring food and that food will be the most enticing thing in the room. Your electronics and food will be the bane to your studying. In short, you won’t get anything done. In order to study well, plan to study each subject for short amounts of time, away from each other, so you won’t get bored. This way, information will be absorbed better and you won’t get bored sitting down for six hours telling yourself that you’re studying but really pseudo-studying.
Tip# 8: Learn From Your Elders. Chances are, other students have already taken the classes you have signed up for. Get ahead of the game. Ask for the best way to study for that class, the best place to sit, the teacher’s personality, and the teacher’s pet peeves. Learning these things ahead of time allows you to not make mistakes that could put a target on your back in the