Job Burnout Case Study

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1. After completing a year of post-graduate training, a physician may apply for state medical licensure. They must have good character, be at least 18 years of age of, and pay a fee, they must show documentation of education and training, and they must pass one of the following exams, the National Board of Medical Examiners exam or have 75% or better on the FLEX exam, the National Board of Osteopathic examiners or the state board examination or the USMILE. They must submit supplies of chronological list of activities after med school, and disciplinary actions by licensing board, criminal background check, any health issues, and results of all past required exams and any license or certificate they hold. 2. Nurses must be graduates from an…show more content…
There are more foreign-educated nurses in the U.S. because of the nursing shortage that is been caused by high volume of declining enrollments in nursing schools, and also the tuition maybe off the roof for nurses in the United States, there is also a higher number of older people graduating from nursing. 9. Define the following terms: “job burnout,” “job satisfaction,” “retention,” and “turnover.” Why are they of importance in managing healthcare professionals? Job burnout is a type of job stress where it affects ones physical, emotional or mental state combined with fears about your ability and the importance of your work. Job satisfaction is the enjoyable or positive response resulting from the review of one’s job. Turnover refers to the number or percentage of income an organization made in a particular year. Retention is when an employee keep a working relationship with other staff members. They are important because they help employees to continue to be happy and also deliver their best performances at their organization. 10. Conflict of interest is when individual can be subjective by money or other considerations to act in a way that is opposing to the moral of the organization they works or the patient they are supporting. Conflict of interest is important because it help physicians understand how to minimize the influence of gifts and other financial incentives that may come there their

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