Essay Homework : Burdensome And Time Consuming

Essay Homework : Burdensome And Time Consuming

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Homework: burdensome and time-consuming. Overwhelming and boring. Some students complain about it and others love it. Ever since the United States became a country, people have argued over the benefits of homework. Kids in early America often dropped out of school after a few years because they needed to help on the farms. However, in 1852, Massachusetts became the first state to make school mandatory. That started a domino effect; states started building public schools and parents and students started complaining about homework.
Fast forward about 200 years to today. Students all over the world struggle with the daily load of homework. Today, some students spend as much as five hours on homework (“Homework”). For years, people have wondered if the time spent of homework really helps as much as it claims to. Today, people talk about homework all over the world. Although homework enforces what the schools teach, it eats up time, causes stress, induces loss of sleep and research shows a way to control the homework load.
Most students enjoy numerus extracurricular activities, such as sports and music. They also want to spend time with friends and family. When teachers give 5 hours of homework, students either do their homework and let social time slide, or give into social time, but procrastinate on homework, thus creating stress and tension. In fact, “[s]tudents who spend too much time on homework…actually perform worse than students who spend less time” (Carr 174). It is important for students to participate in multiple school activities, and indulge in different hobbies. One mother notes that her daughter does not have “…time to hang out with friends, play a spontaneous game of soccer, write in a diary” due to...

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...earned. However, a reduced and more specific assignments might work. Studies show that students “…like work that is clearly defined” and “relevant” (Kidwell 10). Homework also needs to suit the students’ needs. “Homework that students can’t do without help is not good homework; students are discouraged when they are unable to complete homework on their own,” so teachers should “abandon the one-size-fits-all model” (Carr 175). These simple, yet effective changes will enhance the lives of both teachers and students alike.
By providing clear, creative, and well thought-out homework assignments, teachers can help students enjoy life, reduce stress and gain more sleep. Once positive changes develop, including a more detailed and customized homework plan, students will then retain more information, and discover that they have an easier time in acing those exams.

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