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  • To Sleep or not to Sleep

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    To Sleep or not to Sleep ‘Pull up a leather couch and cram for the midterms’ reads the headline for a article written by Sarah Heim for ‘The Stanford Daily’ on October 5, 1999. The article describes the Bender Room, one of the study rooms that is frequented by Stanford students. Heim quotes students who describe the room as: “ More like a livingroom than a library.” One students said, “ You can always take a break and look outside at the view, and I like the leather couches.” Hmm, is this a

  • Sleep And Sleep: The Importance Of Sleep

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    Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines sleep as the natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored (sleep. 2016. In Sleep is an essential biological function with major roles in recovery, energy conservation, and survival. Sleep also appears to be important for vital function such as neural development, learning, memory, emotional regulation, cardiovascular and metabolic function, and cellular toxin removal. Sleep is universally experienced

  • sleep

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    Sleep Hygiene- Sleep hygiene is in reference to non-medical treatment options to better ones slumber. Below are ways to improve ones sleep hygiene. Obesity- When an individual is over weight it is most likely that they will suffer from sleep apnea (Marks, 2012). Sleep Apnea is a common disorder in which you have one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breaths while you sleep (Marks, 2012) When patients are obese they often suffer from obstructive

  • Sleep

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    The article I chose is called “Reinventing yourself” and it talks about research on memory. According to the author “who you are is limited only by your imagination”. What does it mean? That’s what I will try to explain on the following couple pages. As I understood this article, it’s talking about how our imagination influences the memory. It starts with the examples from people’s lives. Bill Clinton told American people that he never served for Vietnam, and the reasons he gave appeared to be totally

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    Relationship between Sleep Habits and Personality Types Researchers have studied the relationship between sleep habits and stress, personality and stress coping, and personality and sleep habits. One factor that has been widely overlooked is the relationship between sleep habits and personality types. The purpose of this study is to examine a relationship between personality types and sleep habits. Evidence also shows that there is a relationship between personality and sleep. A study conducted by

  • Sleep

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    Sleep Sleep has plagued the existence of complex organisms since their evolution early on in the formation of Earth. Although there are various stages to the sleep cycle, essentially one falls into a temporary coma for a few hours each day. It seems totally irrational that evolution would dictate a system where one lets down their guard for hours every day, leaving one prone to a deadly attack. It seems a fairly logical assumption that sleep is exceedingly important to life if, in order to

  • Sleep

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    Sleep Sleep is my favorite thing in life. My first waking thought is usually "when will I be able to sleep again?" But why do I love to sleep? What goes on behind my closed eyelids and what does sleep do for me? As early as 350 BC, Aristotle pondered the state of sleep: "With regard to sleep and waking, we must consider what they are: whether they are peculiar to soul or to body, or common to both." Researchers are still engaged in investigating the complexities of sleep. To answers these questions

  • sleep

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    “Sleep is the Golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.” (Sleep: In). Sleep deprivation-- miserable, bleak, agonizing-- has robbed a majority of teens in the United States from sleep. Sleep deprivation is the disease or condition of not getting enough sleep. A majority of people including teachers and members of the school board do not understand the importance of sleep in a teen’s life and the consequences that are results of being sleep deprived. A main cause of sleep deprivation

  • Sleep

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    Sleep is a vital component towards a high schooler’s academic achievement. Various studies have shown that more hours of sleep benefit a student's GPA. According to the National Sleep Foundation, teenagers should get between 8 ½ to 9 ¼ hours of sleep; anything under eight hours is not enough for adolescents. Only 8% of high schoolers get the recommended amount of sleep. One study revealed that 33% of adolescents get 5-6 hours of sleep nightly, showing that one third of teenagers are getting 2 ½ hours

  • Importance of Sleep and Sleep Behavior

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    Sleep is an important aspect of any humans life, we rebuild lost muscle ,repair damaged body parts and rework all the work we did during that days. As we age we require less sleep because we aren’t devolping as much as an earlier age. When infants we need 16 to 20 hours of sleep a day , then by the age of 3-5 it decrease to about 11-13 hours a sleep a day. During the age of adolescence it is a healthy choice to sleep 9 hours a night. Adults recommended about 8 hours of sleep. Although some people