Essay on High School, I Was Not The Best Writer

Essay on High School, I Was Not The Best Writer

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In high school, I was not the best writer. It took me twice as long as others to write a paper and it still would sometimes not be good enough to earn an A. I knew I had to improve on my writing abilities and I figured the best place to learn would be in college. Even though I had many strengths in writing such as transitional phrases and word choice, I still was not developing the papers I knew I could. Coming to college, I had high expectations of myself and knew if I pushed myself, my writing ability would improve. The main way to accomplish this feat would be to cut down on the amount of time it took me to write a paper. This was the biggest problem I had. I spent too much time over analyzing each sentence and never had enough time to review my papers before I turned them in. If I could cut down on the time it took me to write, it would allow me more free time to review my paper to make it better. I thought that the best way to attain this goal would be to take the honors writing course. I assumed that the honors course would be more challenging which would require me to put in more effort and the professor would be able to help me more as the class size would be smaller. As a result, I signed up for WRA 195H in Michigan State University.

WRA 195H exceeded my expectations and helped me achieve the skills I wanted to acquire. The best part of the class was that we were given a lot of time to write the papers and to also to go over them before we turned them in so we could see our mistakes while the paper was still fresh in our minds and not afterwards. My peers looked at my paper and showed me ways to improve. I believe this is what truly caused my writing skill to get better and allowed me to make better papers. In the past,...

... middle of paper ... voice run free and correct it later. I also want to try more creative forms of writing such as the learning memoir. I never had so much fun writing a paper before. All the freedom I received allowed me to express my individuality and voice through my words. In high school, we followed a five paragraph approach which grew tiresome. The learning memoir paper is the first time I truly understood what it meant to be a writer.To accomplish these goals will require the willpower and desire to change. Without these attributes, they will simply remain unfinished goals. Also, since I will not have a writing course anymore, I will most likely be writing less. This will require me to spend more time on each paper I write in the future to absorb as much information as I can to improve myself and my writing. Overall, I learned a lot and really enjoyed my time in class.

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