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In the beginning of English Composition 1 I had no idea how to properly write a paper in MLA format. Not only, was passing my goal for the class, I hoped to grow as a writer so I could be ready for college. After taking English Composition 1 it has taught me a lot about writing essays for English classes in college. Through out, English Composition not only have I grown as a writer I have grown as a person.
The first essay I wrote in English Composition was the ad analysis. This essay was a five body paragraph essay analyzing an advertisement using good verbs and pronouns to describe the advertisement. For the ad analysis essay, I chose the Subway advertisement featuring Michael Phelps, who is an Olympic Gold Medalist, new Subway sandwich. While writing this essay, I learned how to write a good analysis essay, which was one of my strengths in this essay. My weaknesses included using sentence fragments, not using possessives when needed, and failure to spell out numbers. Figuring out my weaknesses on this essay helped me grow as a writer by remembering to watch out for fragments, to make sure to put possessives when need, and making sure to spell out numbers while writing.
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This essay was a six paragraph essay comparing the likes and differences between feudalism, which ended almost 217 years ago, and high schools in today society. Writing this essay, I learned that feudalism and high school are alike in many ways, and to make sure to make sure to have a clincher sentences in each paragraph. The Comparative analysis essay as a whole was my strongest essay, but my weaknesses in this essay were comma omission with compound sentences and using contractions. The Comparative analysis essay helped me become a better writer by being more aware of not using contractions in
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