Rationale Essay: Rationale: My Experience In Writing

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Rationale Essay Based on my past experiences with writing I have learned essential skills that have shaped and molded me into the kind of writer I am today. The primitive skills I learned in high school definitely proved helpful in taking the English 101 course. I know in high school you just have to answer the prompt to receive an A but in this course it requires you to go above just answering the prompt but showing that you have significant understanding of the text and that you are explicitly explain it. Taking the course has exceedingly given me great competence for future courses related to writing. Although, with taking writing courses in high school deem very different in college the basic components I learned in high school got me…show more content…
The feedback I got from my peers and instructor greatly aided me into seeing the faults in my writing that I could improve on as well as pointing out the good things that I was doing. From that feedback I learned that a strength of mine I have is making good points and providing background information which you will see in the essays provided. In saying that, a weakness of mine with writing is being able to expand on the good points I make, providing more analysis so that the audience or reader can fully comprehend what is being said. Nevertheless, throughout English 101 a great deal of effort has been put into providing more analysis and expanding on ideas so that it is understood to the…show more content…
In the writing process of this speech I began to research the topic to gather context as well as an understanding of the topic. I pulled sources and read and annotated texts so that I may write an understanding essay. This topic was not an easy one because there was not a lot of information I could find for but I did find helpful articles that aided me in writing the essay. In revision changes that were made that was again expanding on key points and ideas and those changes are evident throughout the essay. When deciding and comparing feedback the most prominent factor to be done was more analysis. The last essay I chose to revise was the rhetorical analysis of Audre Lorde’s “The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action”, I enjoyed writing this essay the most because it so deep with raw emotion and I just loved the reality of the piece. Anyhow, in writing this essay it required an understanding of the rhetorical appeals: logos the appeal to logic, ethos, the credibility of the writer, and pathos, the appeal to emotion. Using these appeals effectively improved the entirety of the essay and makes understanding the text fairly easy. In high school English, for me, the rhetorical appeals were never used in writing so using them now in writing is a very convenient way to propose an argument proficiently. In the section of notes and
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