My Writing Strengths

Good Essays
Back when I started high school, I cringed at the thought of writing essays. I did not know how to convey my thoughts through my writing efficiently. After sophomore year, I was more confident about my writing. It was not until junior year, however, that my writing drastically improved. IB English 11 taught me to be a more analytical thinker and refined my skills as a writer along with enhancing some of my weakness like transitions and vocabulary. One of my biggest challenges while writing was time management; I have procrastinated working on essays more often than not. I would put off working on an essay for TV shows, movies, other school work, etc. Though I am able to write under pressure, I cannot produce my best work under pressure; time…show more content…
Throughout my high school career, I have had instructors that shaped my writing tremendously with their feedback. The teacher’s opinion truly matters to me and helps me develop my writing skills even further. A writer should have an open mind. Another one of my strengths as a writer and a student is my determination to complete every assignment to the best of my ability. I have never been the type of student that does not get her work done, whether it be an essay for English or a workbook page for Geometry. I work diligently in all my classes and aim to learn as much as I can from every assignment. Since English is not my best subject, I work twice as hard to improve every day and bring out the best writer in me. My determination is what drove me to enhance my weaknesses and polish my strengths. My journey through high school as a writer has been quite fruitful. I have refined many of weaknesses, including organizations and introductions, and am still perfectly some as I go, like time management and conclusions. I learned that there is no such thing as a perfect paper; there is always room for improvement in my writing skills. Also, I have learned to see my writing through different perspectives and portray abstract concepts in my work. In the years to come, I hope to learn even more from my instructors and develop a unique writing
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