Healthcare Industry's Migration to the Cloud Essay

Healthcare Industry's Migration to the Cloud Essay

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The healthcare industry’s migration to the cloud is inevitable—driven by an irresistible blend of competitive realities and patient demand. As in any major change in business or technology, early movers tend to reap the benefits. As consumers are becoming more tech savvy, the demand for information at the touch of their fingertips is also becoming more demanding. The move to cloud computing from a healthcare standpoint is taking precedence above the old fashioned way of healthcare.
Research has shown that cloud computing is not only good for companies but also for the environment. By moving e-mail, patient records and applications into the cloud, it will not only save the company money but also move into the future. Healthcare Professional Office, Insurance companies and Laboratories would all be able to access patient records without the patient having to fill out multiples of the same forms over and over again.
The healthcare industry has access to a patient’s personal health information, in electronic and paper form, and is responsible for protecting this information. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) establish requirements for the healthcare industry. The establishment and implementation of an effective information security plan is critical to meet these requirements and ensure this protection. There are however challenges and risks that must be addressed. Cloud computing can be defined as the use of computer resources without the expense of owing the hardware and software. Cloud computing is becoming more and more popular in major corporations as a way to gain use of specific programs, applications and even hardware by way of the Internet.
“Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as ...

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...They would also be able to respond quicker to changes in healthcare laws, rules and regulations and would be able to react in a positive manner.
With the Affordable Healthcare Act taking effect this year, it is putting the consumer in control of their healthcare options. Insurance companies and doctors must now meet the mandates of this new act and still provide the quality care that patients need and demand. Moving patient records into the cloud will aid in lowering the costs to the individual doctor’s offices. Intense cost-management pressures result from the increasing demand for services as
budgets shrink across the globe. In the United States in particular, incoming healthcare
reform is expected to add an increasing number of newly insured citizens to the healthcare
system. This is likely to add to the already high service demand of the aging population.

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