The Healthcare System And The Affordable Care System

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In the past several years the healthcare system has experienced new changes in its structure and technology. The macro trends in healthcare are healthcare reform and the regulations of technology in healthcare that the government has put in place. Healthcare systems in the past have had some real complications both in the provided care and computer technology Recently in 2010 President Obama restructured the healthcare system to work more efficiently. The new program is called the Affordable Care Act, which went into law on March 10, 2010 (Obamacare, 2015). The new healthcare system is putting in place comprehensive reforms that will improve access to affordable health coverage for everyone and protect consumers from abusive insurance…show more content…
The HITECH Act is responsible to govern healthcare information activities and limits’ to insure HIPAA compliance (HealthIt, 2015). The new healthcare technology that is spreading nationwide it the EHR programs that are being implemented and updated in healthcare organizations. Government policies are in place for societies protection and privacy, it also helps to create a place where healthcare information can be utilized to its fullest potential. ONC authors’ regulations that set the standards and certification criteria EHRs must meet to assure health care professionals and hospitals that the systems they adopt are capable of performing certain functions (HealtIt, 2015).
The future of healthcare will largely be affected by the changing demographics in the United States. Halaweish & Alam (2015), suggest by 2050 1 in 5 Americans will be 65 years or older, an increase from the current 1 in 9 Americans. In addition to the increase in aging adults, the oldest Americans, those 85 and older will also demonstrate a significant
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Individuals are living longer due to a shift in the mortality rate of diseases that previously were responsible for a higher incidence of death. An Increase in research and technology in the area of medicine have lowered the mortality rate among older adults, increasing the aging population. As noted by Halaweish and Alam (2015), the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease as a cause of death is steadily on the increase as the number of older adults climbs. This statistic indicates the necessity of healthcare sector preparedness in the capacity of end of life care. Emphasis reflecting trends in healthcare should focus on Alzheimer awareness, home health care and long term care facilities. As individuals begin to live longer and experience an increase in healthcare technology, the prevalence of chronic diseases increases. The inclination of chronic diseases and co-morbidities increases medical expenditures. The growing rate of older adults suffering from chronic diseases may increase the frequency of older adults having a disability. This increase in disability as a result of chronic disease will require emphasis on long term care options for older
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