Mobile Phone Privacy Issues Essay

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Throughout the year’s technology have been modernized and so as the security systems must be well updated in the computer world to protect against cyber-attacks. In addition, in this modernized era of technology they are high risks of security breaches such as data tampering, breach of confidentiality such as our passwords and personal data etc. There is a significant rise in cyber-crimes over the years and our privacy being invaded through digital data. Most of security breaches and crimes happen on the internet through the mass social media. However, hackers can send viruses, through email, text and other various means without us as individuals noticing them.

Mobile Phone Privacy Issues, by “Calin Gurau”. First of all cellular phones has become a major part of our day-to-today lives and routine. For instance, cellular phones are widely used in our
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E-health is coming a fast moving trend, for instance, having a medical treatment for example- clinic at home. According to J.Cheng, Q.Cheng and Y.Wang(2006), “E-health, including telemedicine featured by conducting health-care transactions over the Internet, has been revolutionizing the well-being of human society”. Transferring information between heath care facilities can be a challenge daily so using e-health providers which help in order to transmit information through the internet in a time efficient way. Patients’ personal medical data should be transferred in a safe, secure and private way to avoid invaders. However, by using the internet to transmit these sensitive data, they are challenges and threats of information misemploy. The Concepts and Requirements- As cited from J.Cheng, Q.Cheng and Y.Wang (2006), “Security in e-health is an integrated concept requiring the confidentiality, accountability, integrity, and availability of medical

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