Characteristics Of Cloud Computing

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1. Introduction of cloud computing
When they wanted to save photos online instead of on your personal computer, they are able to use “cloud computing” service. Cloud computing means that the transfer of computing data or information over the internet. Not just to keep data in your personal computer, they are able to save the data on internet server to open their data in any computer. In this report we will walk through about what is cloud computing, what kinds of model did cloud computing have, types of cloud computing, benefits of cloud computing, and security.

1-1) Definition of cloud computing
Cloud computing is the transfer of computing data or information into Internet. Cloud computing services allows individuals and businesses to
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- On-demand self-service
A user can provide computing abilities, like server time and network storage or require human interaction with the provider automatically
- Omni-channel access
Abilities and services which can access through basic mechanisms that promote use by heterogeneous client platforms like smartphone, laptop, or even other devices.
- Rapid
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Hybrid cloud is able to provide larger scale of environment. Private cloud and public cloud resource can be used to manage unexpected surges in workload.

4) benefits of cloud computing
Cloud computing is able to increase the speed of business. Cloud computing offers the speed to make computing resources on an instance basis, not just need to first survey time and skilled resources in design and implement infrastructure and applications to deploy and test it. Cloud computing can engance revenue, share bigger market, or other advantages.

1. using few resources to achieve economy scales and increase volume of output.
2. by moving to OPEX to reduce CAPEX and pay model constantly to help reduce capital expenditure on software and hardware.
3. using omni channel to access to information in anytime, anywhere and anyhow
4. increase speed with low cost bring out new solutions and services using speed method on cloud based shared development operations.
5. effective global workforce. Cloud computing can be bring out with variety of data centers around the world, make sure that services are close to users. Provide better performance and appropriate

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