Health Promotion : The Heart Of Patient Empowerment Essay

Health Promotion : The Heart Of Patient Empowerment Essay

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Health promotion is another one of the most prominent strategies utilised by the government to achieve health targets. It promotes the concept of self-care which is the heart of patient empowerment. This encompasses an inclusive involvement of the patient and their care network, which could include their whānau, communities and health providers (Ministry of Health, 2007).

A leading health promotion initiative is seen in the form of healthy eating. Evidence of a nurse led healthy eating intervention is seen in the Healthy Future Families trust. This trust that is set up and run by local nurses in collaboration with schools and local community outlets. It aims to promote healthy eating behaviours around children and their whānau. It provides schools with the means to teach children to plant and grow their own produce. Furthermore, the produce grown is then cooked into healthy balanced meals for the children to eat and share with their families. This initiative allows health promotion with full community participation. The low running costs also mean that it is equitable and accessible especially for the vulnerable populations whom need the initiative in place the most (Healthy Future Families Trust, 2015). To further this initiative, there are culturally specific focuses. As Hamerton et, al. (2014) explains, it is a great tool to use traditional cooking to promote healthy eating amongst the indigenous population. By using traditional kai, it adapts the initiative to make it realistic and attractive for individuals from these backgrounds.

Another primary health care tool is the use of appropriate technologies. There is a strong medical technical focus that needs to be shifted to suit a more community empowering and equitable...

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...lturally engaging content. Taonga takaro is the use of traditional Māori games in physical education. As Brown (2010, p. 28) explains the concept of Taonga takaro, “Cherish the games of our ancestors and continue to utilise them for the good of our people”. Taonga takaro allows for a development of a positive attitude towards physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing (Brown, 2010). For example Kotahitanga is a concept integrated into some of the games. This concept explores the meaning of ‘oneness’. The games include the group doing the same thing, at the same time. This encourages unity and cooperation, ultimately pushing the ideal of equality amongst all members. These values are important to incorporate into the daily lives of the younger generation as they set positive foundations that contribute to shaping a more equitable and inclusive society (Manuel, 2015).

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