Graduation Speech : If Laces Was A School For Breeding The Next Generation Of Politicians

Graduation Speech : If Laces Was A School For Breeding The Next Generation Of Politicians

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If LACES was a school meant for breeding the next generation of politicians, they’d be number one at it. The extremely high standards, the pressure to be perfect, and the overall air of cut-throat competition would be more than enough to prepare us for political campaigning. It’s also more than enough to prepare us for getting into college. But, is it all too much? Do we really need the tremendous amount of pressure that we shoulder everywhere? No. We don’t. Then again, what’s a little extra pressure in exchange for being in one of the top schools in the state?
First of all, it makes it hard to truly enjoy school. A week ago, I was asked by my Lyft driver whether or not I was enjoying 11th grade. “No, not really,” I answered, “I mean, some parts are okay….I guess.” He laughed, “What’s so bad about it?” “It’s just stressful. Plus the workload is enormous,” I had responded without hesitation “Well, what do you like about it?” It was then I realized something. Aside from some of the people, I really didn’t enjoy much at all about school. It turns out, I wasn’t the only one with these opinions. My friend Shannen moved to Sacramento last year in order leave LACES. She had been struggling with her school work and disliked the majority of her peers. This year, instead of taking 7 classes, she has 4. She’s passing all of them, and isn’t dealing with a lot of stress. Unlike most people at LACES, she’s able to go out with friends without worrying about how she’s going to be able to finish her schoolwork.
A lot of this pressure is brought upon by the looming threat of not getting into a good college. Nowadays, getting into a great school is much harder than it was 30 years ago. For example, my dad was accepted into UCLA with almost all ...

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... all my work done in order to not end up failing my classes. As the semester progressing, the workload seems to grow exponentially, and sometimes the stress gets to be too much.
The pressure of having to compete and succeed at one of the top schools in the state is tremendous. It eats away at our time and leaves us unable to truly enjoy some of our last few years of being kids. But it’s not really just an issue here at LACES. Schools everywhere have gotten more challenging as the difficulty of getting into college has increased. In America, the rate of high school students with depression has more than quadrupled since the 50’s and almost doubled since the 80’s. There’s obviously something seriously wrong with our school systems if that’s happening. And something needs to be done. Because we’re not carbon. Tons of pressure doesn’t turn us into diamonds, it breaks us.

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