Graduation Speech : High School Journey

Good afternoon everyone. Friends, family, staff members, honored guests and fellow graduates. On behalf of the Grad Class of 2016, we were selected by our class to give some parting words. Today is our day. After thirteen years of knowing only these walls around us, our time here has come to an end. We are officially stepping forward into our futures. No longer united on one path, as we are now branching off on our own, taking our own paths. Thirteen years ago, we met for the first time. Along the way, some additions and some subtractions were made throughout; leaving us with the group you see before you. Throughout our high school journey, as a very dysfunctional family, many good and some not so good memories were made that shaped us into the people we are today. Most classes grow up together, uniting as a group; or a family. It would be a lie to say this also happened with our class, as we are all so different. Our class holds so much diversity, it makes sense why we don’t seem to mesh together smoothly. But that is what makes us unique. Like the pieces of a puzzle. Each piece in a puzzle is different. Not every piece fits together, but they all have their own place in the big picture. That is what symbolizes our class. A puzzle. We are all so unique, and diverse, but all together we all come to form the big picture. Even though we weren’t peas in a pod, there definitely are many memories we share together. Like the grade twelve bonding sessions that consisted of eating ice cream and cake in the foyer. Cassy having multiple hair styling requests each morning in homeroom, or the doggy piles on poor Dylan in gym class. I can say that having dance sessions in gym while Mr.Hardern tried to take us seriously is something I will... ... middle of paper ... ...came from or the memories we shared. Each of us now have our own goals, and we are wishing everyone luck when it comes to the journey that each and everyone one of us will take now. We will never forget this journey in our life that we have shared together. It is always difficult as things come to an end, and even more difficult to say goodbye, but we cannot look at this as goodbye. This is simply a farewell until we meet again. We wish you all the best in your futures and hope that everything you achieve is what you expected and more – as we know you are all going to do great things. Wherever you may go, never be afraid to accept challenges and take on all challenges you may face head on. And remember, life 's a dance, you learn as you go! Class of 2016, congrats to everyone! We did it, and always remember you will always be a piece in the big picture of our puzzle!

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