My Graduation Day

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12 Years; then… I Graduated Graduation was the most important day in my life. I waited for this amazing day for twelve years to reach my dream and move on to college. For most people, graduation is a memorable day. It is hard for me to forget it even after a hundred years. The day I woke up realizing it was my graduation day, I was smiling all day long knowing that I had made my family proud of me. I remember everything about my graduation day: my party, cake, dress, makeup, hair, cap and gown, and the gifts I got from family and friends. I opened my eyes at around 9:00 a.m.; I could not imagine that today was my graduation day. I was so excited to get ready for the day I had dreamt of for twelve years. I called my cousin Sandra to remind her to do my makeup because she is a makeup artist. I told her that I needed it to be flawless because I wanted this day to be complete in everyway. I took a shower to get ready for the hair salon because I was going to dye my hair red for the first time. I wanted a simple hairstyle; straight on top with curls at the bottom.…show more content…
Then, I heard everyone scream “Surprise!” I could not believe my eyes. There was decoration all over the living room, a cake on the table, music and a big bouquet of pink flowers. My eyes start tearing. I was delighted and humbled by how lucky I was to have such an amazing family. I ran up to my parents, my three brothers, and sisters in law and hugged all of them. We started singing and dancing I cannot forget those moments of my life. Then I realized time was running and that I still had to go to my cousin’s house to do my makeup. I rushed to her house leaving my family at home, so they could get ready, and we could later celebrate after the graduation. As, Sandra was putting on my makeup; I was thinking of how I was going to react when they called my name on the stage. I was smiling as I was thinking of the moment of my

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