College Life

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College Life

A new experience, a change from the norm, looking out for myself, and living on my own: for me this is college. The transition of high school student to college seemed immensely overwhelming and even a bit scary. The shift opened a can of worms and created challenges, both good and bad, behind every corner. Due to the change of scene, I am now dealing with the everyday acceptance of the greater world around me: the town, the people and my new life.

Graduation: the last day that I would unwillingly set foot on the fields of Horizon High School. I could feel my heart beating out of my chest, and tried so hard to keep my feet moving one after the other in order to maintain my perfect stature. After the two hour wait of opening speeches, class songs, and the calling off of the five hundred plus names that were in front of me, it was finally my turn. As my row stood up and we walked towards the stage it had set in at last, this is it, I am done. My high school career ended on that night, but it didn’t close the book that is my life, it only started a new chapter, and with it came a whole slue of uncertainties.

I had to ask myself, “What’s next?” The only thing that I could think of was the rest of my life, and college would start the rest of my life. With college being this important I knew that every decision that I made would affect my life in some way, and this did anything but calm my nerves. I then had the next three months to prepare for this step in my life. Once again I was a little rattled by this notion. So for the summer I prepared whenever I got a chance. I picked up bedding and storage, my roommate and I made sure that we had all of the necessary appliances (i.e. refrigerator, TV...

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...t the strange thing was that it wasn’t my cocoon of a home that I missed. I had created a new life in the few short weeks that I had lived in Flagstaff. I found a family in the friends that I made, and wanted to see them again, ask them about their weekends and simply make sure that everything that I made was still there.

My fears although real and still there, be it below the surface, are truly leaving. I never thought that I could feel safe and comfortable outside of the nice cushy box that I made for my self in the previous chapter of my life, but I stepped out. I ventured farther than anyone else in my family ever had gone. I have conquered my anxiety, or at least pushed it back for a while. I have faced my challenges of being out on my own, and maybe even created a few more that I cannot see yet on the horizon, but for now I am making it on my own.
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