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The azure waters where I can see the stunning aquatic creatures, the olive palm trees that dance side to side to the music in the wind, and the astonishing Spanish culture. All of these are mutual features Puerto Rico and Honduras (Central American Country) share. I am proud to represent such beautiful and cultural places. My mother is from Honduras, and my biological father is from Puerto Rico. I was born in North Carolina in a minor town named Saint Paul's. I do not dream of becoming a famous idol or a millionaire. I dream of being able to achieve goals that will impact my life and the rest of the world. Four stressful years, 28 credits, and innumerable hours of no sleep. I will walk across stage and receive my diploma with a grin of accomplishment. I am proud to share that I will be the first high school graduate in my families generation, but I do not want to settle for a high school diploma I want to honor my family and complete Christianity means more to me than a religion it is my lifestyle. Being a Christian has taught me so much in my 17 years of life. I have erudite where I came from and where I belong. I have learned how to be a optimistic person and spread positivity with others. Recently I went to Puerto Rico to visit my family and there I met a numerous amount of vagrant people who did not food on a daily basis nor a home to come to after a elongated day. I felt so pleased to be able to bless those individuals with nutrition, water, and clothes. Before I developed into who I am now I did not have goals and accomplishments I did not really have a determination in life. Learning who Christ was helped me become more linguistic, kinesthetic and spatial. I can learn more of him through the scripture, to feel his power and presence and to witness his miracles. These learning styles do not only help me in my spiritual life but also in my scholastic

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