The Gluten Free Diet Trend Essay

The Gluten Free Diet Trend Essay

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I was one of the faddists that fell into the gluten-free diet trend. After seeing famous celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga jump on the gluten-free frenzy I naturally had to try it. Gluten-free is perceived to be a healthier lifestyle. However six months into my gluten-free diet I noticed myself constantly feeling sick, tired and cold. I had zero motivation to do anything anymore. I consulted my doctor and found out my iron levels were extremely low. He suggested I stop the gluten-free diet. I was eliminating meats as they tend to be marinated in sauces that contain gluten and whole wheats, two products that are high in iron. I was lacking my body of very important nutrients when I was not needing too. I cut my gluten free diet and after a few months of eating gluten again I started feeling back to normal. I was not made aware of the risks I was putting myself at by eliminating a whole category of food. I was following the latest celebrity induced fad while in the mean time hurting my body.
While a gluten free diet is a necessary change for celiac patients, who 's small intestines can not digest the protein. It is a misconception highlighted by companies and celebrities that a gluten free diet is a healthier lifestyle for even non-celiac patients. Becoming gluten-free can be damaging to someone like me who is non-celiac nor gluten intolerant. It was reported the Gluten Free Diet Fad article that “twenty nine percent of adult Americans say that they are trying to cut back on their gluten intake, yet only one percent have a reported celiac disease” ( The gluten-free diet is a climbing trend in North America as shown on a graph pictured in Gluten Free Diet Fad. The number of celiac patients from two-thousan...

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...owing variety of prepackaged, processed foods isn’t always the best choice. Now that we have an ample supply of gluten-free foods on the market, we’re seeing extended weight gain,” (Begun). This knocks down the idea that in stuck in consumers heads that gluten free is a weight loss technique. By choosing to eat gluten free you are intaking more sugars and fats that can cause weight gain and lead to health problems.
As proven in this essay a gluten free diet is more harmful to your health then beneficial if you are a non celiac patient. You have to ask yourself if harming your body from lack of important nutrients, effecting your mental health as well as potential weight gain is worth diving into the latest fad of being gluten free. North Americans need to realize that when they are reaching for the gluten free option they are not helping but harming themselves.

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