Global Warming : Warming And The Natural Events That Have Influenced Climate Change

Global Warming : Warming And The Natural Events That Have Influenced Climate Change

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Global warming is one of the rising issues we face in the world. For decades, scientist have studied what is causing global warming and the natural events that have influenced climate change. We humans have been warned for centuries that global warming is on the rise and Earth one day as we know it will be forever changed if we don’t become a more environmentally cautions planet. But the effort needed to reduce the greenhouse gases and other major factors in climate change, has never been an easy subject. With political, technological, and economical issues many questions arise when trying to find a solution to slow global warming. It is up to us now to educate our youth and prepare our future generations for what will be their new world one day.
With the climate changing faster now than at any point in the history of human civilization, we can’t help but explore how humans are causing such a significant change. One might even ask, with as many “green” sources of power, why haven’t humans found a way to use our natural sources to decrease the carbon dioxide levels? How can we as a national community, help other countries whose wealth is dependent on exporting oil? What approaches in reducing greenhouse gases can we use that is still beneficial for companies and investors? Are there other alternatives to burning fossil fuels? If we continue to neglect the effects of climate change, how will the human race and other creatures survive on Earth in the future? These questions are just a few of many that are asked daily to our politicians, our community representatives, and even our own neighbors.
Let’s explore the genuine issues for global warming starting with greenhouse gases emitted by humans. There are several greenhouses gases re...

... middle of paper ... ultimately going to be the best way to reach out to individuals. We must educate our youth and the generations after us because it could be in their time that the most alarming conditions on Earth will become the scarcest to the human race. If we don’t continue to increase our utilization of natural resources, our future generations will eventually become extinct. While the damage has already been done to Earths atmosphere, we can still find alternate ways to slow the process of climate change or even replace the use of fossil fuels altogether. Humans already understand that our sources of fossil fuels that we are so dependent upon are running low and will become completely extinct. Why not begin to educate our youth to look for natural alternatives, so when our main source does become extinguished, the human race will still be able to survive off a better source.

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