Essay On Effects Of Climate Change

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General effects of climate change (Worldwide)
The effects of climate are felt throughout the world, all living things are affected with it. The effects of climate change are affecting directly the human life. It has been noticed that around the globe, seasons are shifting, temperatures are climbing and sea levels are rising. The world compares to century ago, it has changed drastically and it is becoming worse with climate change. Climate change will rapidly alter the lands and waters which we all depends upon for survival which will leave our children thus the future generation with a different world. In the time to come if not much is done for the case of climate change, There will be shortage of food and drinks, many new illnesses and diseases and some part of the world will become in appropriate for living things to live due to natural disaster. It can be that with the rapid Global warming and climate change, one-fourth of Earth’s species could be headed for extinction by the year 2050.
Some of the most dangerous consequences and effects of climate change are listed here.
1) Higher Temperature
During the 20th century both air and sea temperature has increased and causing several problems. The increase in temperature has caused damages to our eco system. In some countries temperature has increased by a few degrees. In winter, in places where it was cold, now the temperatures has increased and even the sea temperatures have increased, which is melting the Iceberg and destroying the marine life. Scientists projected that if emissions of heat-trapping carbon emission aren’t reduced, average surface temperature could increased 3 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit by the end the century. A good example is that in some Europeans countries the...

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...ld. Globally, more intense hurricanes and downpours could cause billions of dollars in damage to property and infrastructure. Declining crop yields due to prolonged drought and high temperatures, especially in Africa, could put hundreds of thousands of people at risk for starvation. The Ski resorts located in the lower altitudes of the Swiss Alps have difficulty obtaining bank loans because of declining snow.
The High sea temperatures also threaten the survival of coral reefs, which generate an estimated $375 billion per year in goods and services. In southern New England lobster catches have plummeted because of heat stresses and growing parasite threats due to rising sea temperatures.
Thus with the effect of climate change, business are affected with the different natural calamities. Businesses in any line are affected as natural disaster can affect in any way.