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  • The Greenhouse Gas Protocol

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    Reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission, particularly from industrial production, to combat global climate change is one of the biggest sustainable development challenge for the international community. Countries are adopting Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), low carbon development strategies and climate change policies to tackle issues of climate change and at the same time meet their development goals. At the global level, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

  • Australia’s Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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    Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions have historically been steadily increasing. However, in recent years this trend has stopped - the emissions rate has steadied. The Australian nation has been emitting in the range of 250,000 to 450,000 thousand metric tons greenhouse gases per year from 1990 to 2010. Data from 2008 to 2012 show the carbon dioxide emissions as a fraction of the total greenhouse gas. This goes beyond the limit agreed in the Kyoto Protocol, and hence appropriate measures

  • Global Warming and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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    Global Warming and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Overall, emissions of CO2 increased by 0.3% to 6.8 tons per person in the United States. Emissions of greenhouse gases other than carbon dioxide, which account for 17% of total greenhouse gas emissions, declined by 0.6%. Emissions from the industrial sector declined 1.3% even though the U.S. economy grew 3.9% in 1998. However, CO2 emissions from transportation grew by 2.4% while CO2 emissions of regulated utilities expanded by 3.2% as a result of

  • The Pros And Cons Of Greenhouse Gas

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    Greenhouse gas are a number of gases contributing to global warming which heat up the earth. The greenhouse gas that is emitted are carbon dioxide, methane , nitrous oxide and more. The greenhouse gases absorb infrared rays (heat) emitted from the Sun, which will be kept in the earth’s atmosphere rather that it being reflected away into space which helps the earth’s temperature to remain constant. The industrial world in earth contributes carbon dioxide by burning fossil fuels in factories.Fossil

  • The Most Important Greenhouse Gas

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    The most important greenhouse gas The 19-20 years old group is, in general, less inform about greenhouse gas comparatively to the 17-18 years old group. The most important greenhouse responsible of climate change is CO2. There is a total of six greenhouse gas on earth: H2O, CO2, CH4, N2O, O3 and CFCs. However, all of these gases have not the same effect on climate. For example, N2O are not very present on earth, but it’s very dangerous for humans. This gas is responsible of acid rain and it stays

  • Is Greenhouse Gas Emissions Responsible for the Global Climate Change

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    is to evaluate to what extent anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are responsible for recent global climate change (Karl and Trenberth, (2003), and to identify the main uncertainties associated with future climate modelling. These queries are firstly explored by analyzing the effects that natural causes such as solar volcanic eruptions and solar output have had on recent global climate. This is then contrasted by looking at the volumes of greenhouse gases that are anthropogenically emitted and

  • The Catastrophe of Greenhouse Gas Emission in the United States

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    of these events are comparable to the +7.1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions that are being produced in the United States of America yearly.(Tonto.eia.doe) As Al Gore once stated in his book, Earth in the Balance, “the process filling the atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other pollutants – is a willful expansion of our dysfunctional civilization into vulnerable parts of the natural world” (234). These greenhouse gas emissions will pollute our atmosphere causing catastrophic events

  • The Impact of Electric Vehicles on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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    The rising levels of atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHG) caused by the increased use of fossil fuels for energy services—notably transportation, heating, and the generation of electricity—is known to be one of the foremost drivers of climate change. The United States is responsible for one-fourth of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, representing only 5% of the world population and it becomes the world’s single largest emitter of atmospheric greenhouse gasses (EPA, 2011) . Since 1970, the

  • British Columbia’s Carbon Tax and its Impact on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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    British Columbia became the first and only Canadian province to introduce a carbon tax, and has been praised and scone by environmentalists, economists, and politicians alike, arguing whether the tax is efficient or destructive method of controlling greenhouse gas emissions. The liberal premier Gordon Campbell introduced the carbon tax; its main purpose would be to enforce a carbon tax to increase the price of consumption of fossil fuels within the province, the philosophy behind the tax was to make taxes

  • Reducing Greenhouse Gas Through Combined Heat and Power Systems

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    Due to disruptive impacts of climate change actions are globally taken to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with energy utilization to a considerable amount. Established 1997 Kyoto protocol is an international goal to attempt to alleviate impacts of climate change by reducing amount of greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. The UK has targeted to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by the year 2050. This will be a challenging target for the UK. It is reported that over