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  • Fossil Fuels

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    remember the gas shortage of the 1970s will realize what could happen if we run out of fossil fuels without a viable alternative. Today, fossil fuel reserves are getting harder to extract and are of lower grade and insufficient volume to meet global demand. Concern about fossil fuels and their effect on the environment are becoming more important. So how can the United States lessen its dependence on fossil fuels? To truly solve the problem, it will be necessary to change much of our infrastructure

  • Fossil Fuels

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    INTRODUCTION: Fossil fuels are formed from the organic remains of prehistoric organisms, like plants and animals. All fossil fuels take over millions of years to fully form into a usable energy source; which is where the problem begins. Ever since the first usage of fossil fuels back in the late 1850s, the demands for fossil fuels have sky-rocketed to astronomical proportions. Ever since the Industrial revolution, fossil fuels have been used to power nearly everything. The fossil fuels were used to

  • Benefits Of Fossil Fuels

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    knowing that you are using it? That is usually the case with fossil fuels. We use fossil fuels all the time and we probably don’t even realize that we are using them because they have become so common in our everyday lives. They help us carryout our lives in multiple ways. They are very important and we must be careful of using it so much because they could run out eventually. Fossil fuels are coal, gas and oil. They are called fossil fuels because they are made from the remains of prehistoric plants

  • The Effects Of Fossil Fuels

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    world when we run out of fuel; society as we know it would crumble: Medicines and Vaccines would not be able to be manufactured, very little crops would be produced because of the lack of farm equipment to plow and harvest fields meaning millions of people will starve, massive wars fought over what little resources we have left and billions would be left without power which means in harsh conditions of our world when our environment is destroyed do to these fossil fuels billions would perish. This

  • The Advantages Of Fossil Fuels

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    There are three main fossil fuels; oil coal and natural gas were all formed hundreds of million years ago before the time of the dinosaurs (Energy Quest, 2012). The period of time that the fossil fuels were formed was the Carboniferous Period. It got the name from the word “carbon” which is the basic element in coal and other fossil fuels (Energy Quest). According to (Energy Quest, 2012) these fossil fuels were formed in prehistoric times from a material called peat which after enough pressure

  • Fossil Fuels Disadvantages

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    Fossil fuels are natural fuels that are derived from the remains of living organisms and are a major energy source in the world. These fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas which are not renewable; they cannot be synthetically created or manufactured. Once they are used, it will be another million years to refill what the humans have used up. Although natural fuels are popular, they have many drawbacks. The consumption of fossil fuels have led to the greenhouse effect – the damage to the earth

  • Benefits Of Fossil Fuels

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    refers to any energy source other than fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are materials including natural gas, coal, and oil; they are cheap to produce, easy to distribute, and provide most of the electricity used in the world’s technology. However, they are nonrenewable, cause many harmful environmental effects, and take millions of years to create. Thus, many modern energy companies are researching new ways to develop alternative fuel sources (Issitt

  • Fossil Fuels Essay

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    of non-renewable resources, known as fossil fuels. The non-renewable resources included under the term fossil fuels are coal, petroleum, oil and natural gas. The use of fossil fuels has exponentially increased since the industrial revolution to the present day with each new wave of innovation. These fossil fuels main uses are to generate electricity, through the burning of coal and natural gas, and the refining of petroleum and oil for the production of fuels for transport. As helpful as these resources

  • The Depletion of Fossil Fuels

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    Abstract— As the world began to raise concerns on climate change and rapid depletion of fossil fuels, there is a need to hasten the solutions for clean energy generation with renewable sources. Solar energy has the potential as an alternative source of energy as it is renewable, universally accessible and emits very low or zero CO2 gases. Solar photovoltaic (PV) system applications are suitable in Singapore due to its equatorial location, with high solar irradiation of 17MJ/sq.m-day and the ability

  • Fossil Fuels

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    Fossil Fuels In the world today the environment affects everything. The environment affects what buildings can be built to what the climate will be and even fossil fuels. The environment affects fossil fuels in a variety of ways. Without the environment we would have no fossil fuels. Then because of the fossil fuels that are created, they pollute and harm the environment. Interesting how something that is created by the environment can damage itself. Fossil fuels can even cause personal